On Wednesday, April 16, 2014 Miss Tennessee will be at our school for the 6th grade DARE Program.

T-CAP Pep Rally

We are having the rally at 2:00 in the gym on April 25!  Come on everyone get excited and show how much you have learned!  Testing begins the following week.  GOOD LUCK!  Remember to go to bed earlier.  You need to begin this now so you will be in the habit.  Also, eat a good breakfast with the focus on carbs.  They will help you feel full longer.  Get to school on time because once the test starts no one will be allowed into a classroom until the test is finished.

Bethel Springs Elementary School

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TN  38315

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Mission statement Bethel Springs Elementary School exists to provide a quality education and promote a positive self-esteem in a safe environment.  We will empower all students to test proficient or advanced in academic skills as outlined by Tennessee State Standards.

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McNairy County Educational Departments



WeatherBug at Bethel Springs Elementary School Bethel Elementary School has recently become a weather station partnershipping with Channel 3 WREG-TV Memphis. We are proud to be a part of this collaboration, and we look forward to serving our community by keeping you informed of the latest weather news. Please feel free to check our weather at Bethel daily.


The McNairy County Board of Education is under the direction of: Mr. Charlie Miskelly, Director of Schools

Dr. Brian Jackson, Assistant Director of Schools

Mr. Tony Chapman, School Board Member, Selmer

Mr. Frank Lacey, Chairman School Board, Adamsville

Mr. Kevin Isbell, School Board Mamber, Selmer

Mr. Larry Smith, School Board Member, Bethel Springs

Mrs. Jean Jones, School Board Member, Selmer

Mr. Lynn Baker, School Board Member, Michie 

Mr. Jarrell Stanfield, Vice Chairman School Board Member, Ramer



Mrs. Stacey Volner is the Bethel Springs Elementary Representative for Teacher of the Year, 2014. Mrs. Stacey is our sixth grade math instructor.  We are proud of you.   Thanks for a job well done.  Elected by her fellow teachers, she has been a valuable role model for our student body and an exceptional mentor for our teachers.  Thanks, Mrs. Volner for your hard work. 

No Child Left Behind has made an impact on all public schools. Bethel Springs Elementary School has met all benchmarks for Average Yearly Performance (AYP). Please click below to see our TCAP scores.