As a fundraiser for Bear Creek, the sixth grade will be collecting tabs.  Ms. LuAnn is no longer collecting them for The Ronald McDonald House.  We will have two collection times (one per semester); December and April.  Bring your counted tabs to Mrs. Brasher.  Prizes are awarded to those with the most tabs. 

Tab totals for the 2010/2011 School Year


Haley Combs1Austin42 
Logan Spencer1Austin4,449 
Trinity WilderKBarber585 
Amelia Reeves1Bishop21,794 
Candance Horner1Bishop1,000 
Jaden Cotner1Bishop20,718 
Justin Patterson1Bishop207 
Trevor Woods1Bishop2,656 
Bailey Whitley1Bowers4,994 
Caleb Smith1Bowers8,016 
Hannah Mayfield1Bowers1,214 
Kianna Clausel1Bowers1,849 
Lorien Gray1Bowers4,108 
Riley Ramey2Combs1,499 
Allura Sweat1Stadinger337 
Amy Nowicki1Stadinger1,500 
Leah Grace Russell1Stadinger274 
Cade Thompson1Stanfill4,996 
Delaney White1Stanfill76 
Karrah Hamm1Stanfill590 
Landon Jarrett1Stanfill1,674 
Rylan Coffman1Stanfill194 
Tillie Cima1Stanfill3,599 
Deonna Lard2Beckham400 
Madison Goodlow2Beckham727 
Aislinn Hudson2Carroll500 
Cheyenne Stanford2Carroll3,797 
John Carter Learue2Carroll1,835 
Luke Lacey2Carroll2,274 
Mallory Britt2Carroll3,392 
Memphis Wyatt2Carroll1,060 
Payton Austin2Carroll9,470 
Brendan Jaggars2Combs727 
Erin Dudley2Combs137 
Jacob Bowles2Combs2,674 
Lauren Milford2Combs426 
Shelby Sisk2Combs9,469 
Kallie Anna Martindale2Plunk2,651 
Selena Brimer2Plunk1,072 
Tucker Johnson2Plunk2,588 
Joshua Wilson2Stutts2,939 
Lance Whitney2Stutts1,900 
Tyler Pitts2Stutts215 
Cara Sherron3Bishop1,717 
Samantha Henderson3Bishop4,380 
Heath McCain3Daniel1,160 
Garrity Cook3Hardin1,924 
Johnathan Melson3Hardin450 
Jordan Morris3Hardin704 
Karenna Rainey3Hardin1,642 
Liza Smith3Hardin1,540 
Mollie Cima3Hardin3,599 
Molly Finley3Hardin574 
Ted Gordon3Hardin10 
Devon Loporto3Milford13,855 
Hunter Ross3Milford3,369 
Austin Mayfield3Plunk855 
Ethan Cagle3Plunk101 
Ethan Tinin3Plunk2,767 
Rhonda Stamp3Plunk2,421 
Talon Christopher3Plunk2,700 
Ashley Bowers4Bailey1,528 
Cody Inman4Bailey10,464 
Mary Kelley4Bailey1,109 
Mitchell Holt4Bailey1,818 
Samantha Vandergriff4Bailey6,171 
Twyla Mast4Bailey123 
Aaron Surratt4Bearden4,006 
Cheyenne Harwell4Bearden522 
Donovan Stackens4Bearden2,863 
Hayden Garner4Bearden7,282 
Hunter Burkeens4Bearden2,009 
Michaela Banks4Bearden55,353 
Mollie Howell4Bearden982 
Savannah Melson4Bearden150 
Casey Duncan4Gray5,263 
Gracie Hutton4Gray1,703 
Mitchell Combs4Gray44 
Amanda Reigner4Martin8,077 
Cheyene McGregor4Martin920 
Jacob Tidwell4Stamper302 
Jade Reclusado4Stamper714 
Jonathan Linam4Stamper1,185 
Kobe Klinck4Stamper11,920 
Sierra McCain4Stamper1,161 
Travis Vandergriff4Stamper5,755 
Gloria Stamper4Teacher894 
Caitlyn Blakely5Barber1,546 
Kayla Lambert5Barber574 
Lilly Surratt5Barber77 
Amber Ballard5Kelley691 
Jagger Maness5Kelley9,870 
Madelyn Stadinger5Kelley139 
Cheyenne Henderson5Plunk4,380 
Kassy Plunk5Plunk3,010 
Emily Burns5Rhodes1,000 
Seth Bishop5Rhodes1,134 
Skylar Gray5Rhodes19,463 
Dreyton Barnes6Boyd60 
Laken Smith6Boyd1,456 
Christopher Elder6Brasher1,505 
Dustin Taylor6Brasher5,960 
Tyler Atherton6Brasher431 
Dawson Davis6Simon1,539 
Grant Young6Simon2,058 
Casey MurphyKAdkins1,615 
Eli LambertKAdkins7,184 
Ethan PurvisKAdkins436 
Kaden TerryKAdkins689 
Kayla SandersKAdkins413 
Noah ClineKAdkins1,258 
Robby StuckettKAdkins2,101 
Blake RitterKBarber28,841 
Jaelynn StampKBarber2,082 
Kiara StackensKBarber1,391 
Addison McKee1Stadinger9,071 
Alex CraneKMead1,818 
Destiny EdwardsKMiller13,117 
Keely MoffettKMiller1,267 
Nicholas MaplesKMiller690 
Nick FranksKMiller5,604 
Whitney DavisKMiller1,347 
Amanda LipfordPKTucker1,518 
Brandon McFersonPKTucker750 
Christopher JohnsonPKTucker2,507 
Ryker InglePKTucker241 
Sybil SmithPKTucker362 
Unkown(turned in office)tabs w/top 201 
Richard Matejka Donor29,908 
Prince of Peace  Luthern Women6,000 
Donations  1,517 
No Name  3,300 
Presleigh Orso  2,005 
Unknown (3 sandw bags)  1,167 
Unknown (gallon bag)  2,609 
Unknown (quart bag)  692 
 Grand Total